Communications On The Move Plus (C-OTMplus)

Compact Integrated Comms

The C-OTMplus is a compact off the shelf interoperable communications system. It provides a seamless interface between digital and analog radio and telephony assets and cellular equipment so they can be automatically routed, patched and conferenced to each other. The product is an out of the box compact configuration variant of the SwitchplusIP product, scaled to support a specific number of radios and operators.

C-OTMplus is ideal for any organisation wishing to reduce costs and space for communications infrastructure, while maintaining the high availability for mission critical solutions. It has all the functionality of the SwitchplusIP system - delivering interoperability, high availability and reliability.

Each system can link to a network of other C-OTM/plus systems, operate standalone,
or play a part in a larger total communications solution.

C-OTMplus - Brochure C-OTMplus - Brochure (519 KB)

C-OTMplus Defence - Brochure C-OTMplus Defence - Brochure (1273 KB)

Compact and Feature Packed

Designed for  deployable and mid-sized command centres and command posts.

Ideal for many scenarios including:

  • Forward command post
  • Fixed or mobile command centres
  • Portable networked communications - hub and spoke or peer to peer
  • Disaster recovery communications 
  • Backup system for emergencies such as site evacuations or primary system failures
  • For increased situational awareness of remote locations via voice, video and control
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